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Students are referred to the ASD Program by their local school district. 

Step 1

For students who currently attend a school in Berrien County, parents/guardians should contact the Special Education Coordinator at that school to discuss whether the ASD Program would be an appropriate option.

For students who are new to Berrien County you should call the school based on where you live.


Step 2

A meeting will be held (called an Individualized Education Planning Committee (IEPC) meeting) to consider all the options available and identify the programs and/or services that would meet your child's unique needs to help them best.

Committee members include the parents, an ASD Program administrator, a local district representative, MET representative, teacher(s), therapist(s) and others as needed.


Step 3

If the ASD Program is determined to be the most appropriate option, the parents/guardians then complete enrollment forms and provide a copy of a birth certificate, immunization records, various permissions, verification of residency, and a release of records request. Our office staff are available and happy to help parents/guardians through this enrollment process.


Michelle Wruble
Supervisor of Autism Programs

Stacey Steffes
Asst. Supervisor of ASD & EI Programs